Information about delivery

AGCompany always strives to do the job the most convenient and profitable for our partners, so we are ready to offer prompt delivery of goods purchased in bulk for animals. We have rich experience in the organization of logistics in various regions and cities of Russia, from Kaliningrad and ending Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Have your pet carefully we collect from our warehouse, quality pack, to avoid damage in transit, and send as quickly as possible through a partnership of transport and logistics company. Once you have made your booking, you will only get it in your city. In determining the routes for logistics, we select only proven and reliable carriers. Major wholesale consignment of animals we ship on pallets, and smaller in strong cardboard boxes. Also, an important factor for us is to comply with the rules of storage and transportation of the pet. We ensure that we have food for cats and dogs always hit the shelves fresh and without breaking the presentation. We value each delivery, whether it is for a large organization or a wholesale online store for professional breeder or retailer - we collect and ship your order in time. Please rate our service delivery, and you will become our permanent partner!